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Seven years ago, Nicole Bingaman was coming to a turn in the road of motherhood.  Her sons, in their late teens and early 20's, were less dependent and Nicole was contemplating the path ahead.  She spent several years educating and mentoring at-risk youth, before becoming a casework with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.  One Thanksgiving eve of 2012, Nicole's life took an unexpected turn when her oldest son, Taylor, sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Nicole began a journey with him that started at this bedside at the nearest trauma center.

Love Wins is a presentation addressing both the hope and heartbreak that occurs when traumatic brain injury enters a family, as well as the places of both courage and fear in which families and survivors find themselves.  Through a PowerPoint set to a song written by Taylor's youngest brother, telling photos and Nicole's honest perspective, participants will learn how one family discovered love's triumph in the midst of life's darkest storm.  Nicole recognizes that every story matters, and within her sharing embraces the understanding of each story represented in the space we share.



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