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It is an exciting time at the Brain Injury Association of Delaware (BIAD) as we continue to grow and educate survivors, caregivers, and professionals in the State of Delaware.  I assumed the role of Executive Director for BIAD in February 2019. I have to say that the decision to work for this fantastic organization was personal and has been amazing.  Of my 3 children, 2 of them have experienced concussions.  While my daughter’s journey started with a fall at school and was not quite as drastic as my son’s, we still had several weeks of concussion protocol to follow, which is extremely difficult for a teenager.  We also continue to watch for changes, as we know that recovery is not just one and done.  She is now a senior in high school and ready for the next chapter in her life.  My son experienced several concussions from playing soccer and received a diagnosis of inattentive ADD, which led to challenges in school (both high school and college).  We had to work with the educational professionals to ensure they understood what his challenges were and to our surprise, not everyone was knowledgeable or willing to assist.  My son had to learn to study differently and struggled, but has forged ahead.  He graduated with an Associate’s degree and has recently obtained his National EMT Certification, which is no easy task, and works two jobs.  We are blessed to have had knowledgeable professionals by our side, which can be attributed to the work of BIAD.

BIAD’s mission to"create a better future through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy, and support allows many throughout Delaware to live purposeful, independent lives.  

Kristy Handley, M.S.

Executive Director

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